When Chris was 9 years old his family moved to Atlanta from his birthplace of New Orleans. This move came as a result of a major financial hardship that his family faced, and having to uproot the family was very difficult. While getting back on their feet in Atlanta, Chris’ mom was able to take a personal finance course with her employer. Part of this course required that she subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. When Chris saw the Wall Street Journal something in him just clicked. He asked his mom what kind of job would enable him to use this information. She said “either an economist or a financial advisor.” Somewhere between the understanding of how money worked, experiencing the family financial trial, and him being an audacious and tenacious boy, he made the choice to become a financial advisor at that early age. He has realized that while financial planning is not a guarantee of avoiding hardship, it certainly can smooth out the bumps of life.

Working hard to earn money and then stewarding it well was always a priority to Chris. Everything being organized and having its right place is of value to him. As he grew up, his understanding of money and how to manage it grew as well. Throughout his life, he found that people would confide in him and trust his counsel. Chris places a high priority on his client interaction; what clients tell him is sacred. His personality, character, and experiences have shaped who Chris is as a wealth advisor today.

Because of his love of music, he attended the University of Georgia to march in the Redcoat Band. While there, he met his wife and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with a Minor in Spanish. Since graduating in 2000, Chris had a successful start at Morgan Stanley where he completed advanced training at the World Trade Center. In 2003 he left Morgan Stanley to cofound his first company, Athena Wealth Management (AWM). In 2008 he amicably left AWM to start Abundance, and has started to gain prominence in the community since inception.

Chris, his wife Melissa, and their two daughters have been residents of Loganville, Georgia for over a decade. Upon moving to Loganville, they began attending Holy Cross Anglican Church under Rev Dr. Foley Beach. Chris has always been an active member of Holy Cross. Whether its being the Treasurer of the church, teaching biblical finance or assisting the pastors, he loves to serve as he is called. Chris also enjoys University of Georgia football, fitness and health, auto racing, and the various facets each of those involve.