Monroe, GA Office

A note from Chris Stallings, Wealth Advisor

“Traditionally professionals in my industry operate under the title ‘Financial Advisor.’ Our firm has chosen to give its professionals the title ‘Wealth Advisor’ because of our holistic approach. My favorite time of day is when I sit down with a client and find out about the dreams that they have yet to attain and together, we are able to create a plan to get the client on track to pursuing their dreams.

Oftentimes, even our wealthiest clients still have hopes and dreams that are either yet unrealized, or worse, forgotten. I think about the widows that I serve that could have been taken advantage of by the dark side of our industry. Our firm fights for the hearts and the visions of those facing loss and transition. We simply use finances as a bridge when striving to attain the things that matter most to you: even your dreams from when you were a child.

For some of the people that we serve, they are working towards retirement. Some want to travel to see flowers bloom in Paris in the springtime, while others dream of making sandcastles on the beach with their grandchildren. As a result, they save into their 401k or establish an IRA to accumulate wealth towards that goal. Other clients have different aspirations and their plans might involve starting the bakery they’ve always dreamed of or investing in the real estate market.

If you’re interested in finding out what sets us apart from other financial advisors, we invite you contact us.”

Phone|Fax:  (678) 884-8841

Address: 248 N Broad St, Monroe, GA 30655

Alexander City, AL Office

A note about Susan Moore, Wealth Advisor

With four office branches across Alabama and Georgia, Moore Wealth Management is led by Principal Susan Moore, a 36-year veteran of the financial services industry. Susan is accompanied by a fellow veteran, Chris Stallings, owner of Abundance, LLC with over 19 years of experience in the industry. The strategic alliance of their two firms brings additional support of ten office staff members who collectively have over 100 years of experience in the financial services industry. The partnership of Moore Wealth Management and Abundance will strengthen and support the advisors’ ability to serve their clients, both presently and in years to come.

“Our team’s mission is to consistently go above and beyond for our clients, and then some” said Moore. “We now have the ability to provide an enhanced level of service due to Kestra Financial’s personalized support in compliance, technology, and investment functions.”

The professionals of Moore Wealth Management and abundance collectively oversee $181 million in assets and offer a wide range of brokerage and financial planning services. “Susan and her team have established a high standard of client service over the last 36 years,” said Daniel Schwamb, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Kestra Financial. “It’s our privilege to serve as their strategic partner and empower them to grow.”

Phone:  (256) 234-2761

Address: 51 Clay Street, Alexander City, AL 35010